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Where traditional overnight summer camp meets sports camp. Campers wake up each day excited by learning a new technique in their favorite sport, alongside new friends from around the USA, led by coaches who quickly became role models. Just when practice starts to get tiring, we shake it up with some adventure off of the field. Each location brings a unique connection to the outdoors: with activity choices that include hikes to waterfalls, a dip in the lake, s’mores & a campfire on the beach, and so much more.

Our Core Values

A lacrosse coach is providing a skill demonstration to a lacrosse player on an outdoor field


At Signature Sports Camps, we’re dedicated to cultivating future leaders in a supportive environment. Our carefully selected coaches guide campers through challenges, fostering resilience, self-sufficiency, and expanded comfort zones—on and off the field.

Lacrosse camp coaches and campers are playing a game of Spikeball on the sand at the beach in Florida


Life is more fun with passion: and we are passionate about the “camp product” we deliver to each camper. You won’t find our coaches going through the motions: we activate and encourage each camper to go 100% in: whether it’s on the field or in an intense game of kickball.

A professional Lacrosse player is coaching a team of lacrosse campers


We deliver on what we promise and prioritize upfront and clear communication. From safety standards to camper experience, we consider each detail. If an unforeseen circumstance pops up, you’ll be in the loop with what’s going on and the plan we are pivoting to.

A Letter from Our Founder

I was a summer camp kid. Growing up, I spent just about every day at camp, then went on to be a camp counselor when I was in high school and college. I had my favorite camps…and I went to camps that I hated. Actually, in the bucket of “camps I hated” was lacrosse camp. I hated that we spent all day on the lacrosse field: it was hot and humid, and 6 hours a day on the field was a form of torture for me.

After College, I was lucky enough to find myself with the opportunity to build a youth lacrosse program and a travel program. Soon I was managing over 50 coaches, 20+ team schedules, and a full-time staff. Around that time, the University of Tampa asked me to run their lacrosse camp. I cherished the opportunity because of my camp background. But I found myself thinking: this is a lot of lacrosse each day!! These kids are burning out! And I thought about that lacrosse camp I hated as a kid because it was just too. much. lacrosse.

That’s when the idea to “blend the traditional summer camp and sports camp” was born.

And when I look back on what shaped me into the adult I am today, I think back to everything I learned through being that “summer camp kid”. My confidence comes from having to make new friends at camp each week… my independence came from going away each summer for a few weeks at a time. And my love for an active lifestyle came from a robust activity schedule each day of my summer.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to deliver the experiences that shaped my life to the participants at our summer camps. Thank you for your trust and for choosing this adventure for your child. I assure you: (just like me) that your child will one day look back and attribute a typical day at Signature Sports Camp to what helped shape them into a leader… both on and off the field.

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Photo of Maddie Lewis Soviero, founder of Signature Sports Camps
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Ready for the Best Summer Ever?

Let’s go camping! Blend traditional overnight summer camp with sports camp. Choose one of our four locations for the adventure of a lifetime.

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