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Travel Packages &
Premium Add-Ons

As if Signature Sports Camps couldn’t get any better: we went ahead and created extra opportunities for our campers (what can we say? We’re overachievers). Whether you’re from out of state and need a transfer from the airport, or you’re looking to add elements to your (already amazing) overnight camp experience, we have options to make your adventure unique to your preferences.

Overnight Summer Camp Transportation Services

Are you coming in from out of state? International camper? We’ve got you covered. 

With our camp transportation service, our campers are directed to arrive during a specific window at the choice airport close to our overnight camp location and will be greeted by one of our resident coaches and shuttle driver! Once each camper has arrived, we load up in the coach bus and head out to camp. Rest assured, our staff helps you coordinate flights and we stay in constant communication to ensure your camper is received and set up for success for travel days. 

During the enrollment process, you will see a “Transportation Add-On” option. Once you sign up for this add-on, a staff member will contact you directly to coordinate travel details.

Overnight Summer Camp Transportation Services

Parents: Up for a Vacation?

We have courtesy hotel blocks set up at each Signature Sports Camp location.
While your camper is having a blast, you get to take advantage of all that each location offers.

Reach out to director@signaturesportscamps.com for more information.

Signature Premium Add-On Packages

Tailor your overnight camp experience with our Signature Add-Ons. Don’t get us wrong… camp is already special. But these add-ons add a little bit of *spice* to make your family’s camp experience extraordinary.

Premium add-ons are first come, first served – Make sure to enroll before space runs out!

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Pathfinder Package:

Ideal for First Time Campers

Medication Add On

Includes personal daily check-ins from our Camp Nurse. Recommended for Campers with daily medications or special medical needs; All campers receive medical attention and assistance with medications as needed, this package puts our parents at ease with daily check-ins directly from our Camp Nurse.

"Midnight Snack" Add On

Campers get dinner around 6 PM each night, leaving some of our campers craving snacks before lights out at 10 PM. Our "Midnight Snack" package gives your camper a warm slice of pizza before bed each night!

"Nightly Family Memos" Add On

Includes a special text message from your Camper's coach recapping their day and a check-in specific to your kid!

Explorer Package:

Ideal for Campers Who Like to Keep Busy

Includes the Pathfinder Add-ons, plus… 

Free Time Premium Experiences

Includes 2 nights of a Video Game truck, Nerf Wars, & Foam Party during our nightly free time. While other campers are hanging out, your camper stays engaged with a premium Video Game truck with endless games, fun, and a world within Virtual Reality!!

Pioneer Package:

Ideal for Campers Who Want a Competitive Edge & Endless Experiences

Includes the Pathfinder & Explorer Add-Ons, plus… 

Small Group Private Session with a Pro:

Includes an extra small group training session with our Headlining Pro (Max. 10 Players). Get an edge on every other camper with this special opportunity to train with your idol in your sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Ready to Sign Up for Add-Ons: How Do I Do It?

If you’re already registered, you’ll log into your Parent Dashboard and you’ll find these packages within your Enrollment Tab. Just scroll down to “Add-Ons”. 

If you have yet to complete enrollment, you’ll start that process here, and you’ll see our Add-On Packages as you select your Camp Session.

What’s The Capacity Per Add-On Package?

If you want “in” on our Pioneer Package, act now – We only have 10 openings per boy / 10 openings per girl for this one. This is because we need our Small Group Training sessions with the Pro to be well… a Small Group. This is our most exclusive package! 

Our Explorer Package also has a cut-off – This tier is only available to 40 campers total! Our video game trucks can only hold so many campers, and we want everyone to be comfortable. 

The PathfinderPackage taps out at 50 campers. 

All packages are first come, first served! Book now in your Parent Dashboard

My Camper is participating in the Transportation Package, what does Arrival look like? 

Our Driver & (2) Lead Coaches meet your camper (and others flying in) at the choice airport in the arrival window. The flight attendants operating the Unaccompanied Minor Program will hand off the camper to our Coaches. It is at this time that Signature Sports Camps assumes the responsibility of supervision of the camper. 

After the arrival window closes, a Lead Coach & the Driver transport your camper to our camp location for check-in. 

If there is a travel delay, (1) Lead Coach stays back to receive any delayed campers, and the Driver will make a round trip. 


  • Parents receive the direct cell phone number for the Camp Director and Lead Coaches who are receiving the camper. 
  • Lead Coaches confirm campers' arrival as they are received, plus the camper is encouraged to call in to give parents an update personally. 
  • Staff is tracking flights and will be monitoring any delays. 
My Camper is participating in the Transportation Package, what does Departure look like?

After check-out, Campers in active Transportation Packages board the camp minibus or large van and head to the Choice Airport for your Camp Location. (1-2) Lead Coaches ride with the group, helping them navigate check-in and baggage drops; then handing off the camper to the airline (within the Unaccompanied Minor Program). 

After the camper is handed off to the Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor program, the parent/ guardian releases Signature Sports Camps of all supervision policies. If there are any delays or cancelations, the parent would work directly with the Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor program to coordinate appropriate supervision. 


  • Parents receive the direct cell phone number for the Camp Director and/or Lead Coaches once the camper has been transferred to the Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor program, and the camper is encouraged to call in to give parents an update personally. 
What is an “Arrival Window” or “Departure Window”? 

An arrival window is when we direct the camper to arrive at our choice airport. During this time, the coaches will be ready to receive your camper from the airline’s attendant. A departure window is the same thing: the window around when we ask for flights to be scheduled for departure within the Transportation Packages. 

Transportation Windows (2)

Are there Requirements to enroll in the Transportation Package?

Yes! We have a few requirements we need each participant to meet: 

  • Flights are not included & must be booked separately (more conditions about flights below). 
  • Your camper must be 12 years or older to participate in this package & program.
  • Your camper must be officially enrolled in the airlines' Unaccompanied Minor Program to participate in this package. 
  • You must book your flights to arrive/depart within the arrival & departure windows at the specified airport to be eligible for the Transportation Packages. 
  • Flights must be booked by June 15th for your camper to qualify for this package. Please forward your flight information to director@overnightsportscamps.com to finalize your package. 
  • A parent/guardian must execute a supplemental form & waiver to participate in this package. This will become available in your Camp Dashboard. This is due by June 15th. 

I’d Like to Take Advantage of the Transportation Package: Who Do I Talk to About Coordinating Flights?

Reach out to our Camp Director, Maddie, at director@overnightsportscamps.com. She will work with you on the arrival/departure windows to ensure that we limit any waiting time and make the shuttle! She will provide more information about how the Transportation Packages work. Please note flights are not included.

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