Tennessee Overnight Camp in the Appalachian Mountains

Campers immerse themselves in the scenic Appalachian mountains at Signature’s youth sports camp in Southeast Tennessee. We love Sewanee, Tennessee for its close proximity to Nashville (1 hour) & Chattanooga (45 minutes), while still capturing the remote feel of a true sleepaway camp. Sewanee offers waterfalls, hiking trails, swimming holes, and a small town community. We utilize two campuses: Sewanee College (Session I) and St. Andrew’s Sewanee Boarding School (Session II) for lacrosse camp.

Upcoming Dates

Now Enrolling Ages 8-17!

Session I: July 19th-23rd, 2024 | Session II: July 23rd- 27th, 2024

Lacrosse Summer Camp for All Skill Levels

Signature Sports Camps blends together traditional summer sleepaway camp with sports camp. On the field, players learn from both Headlining Professional Coaches and our experienced Resident Coaches with collegiate playing backgrounds. Coaches are experts across each position (even specialty positions like goalie). We elevate each player’s game by splitting athletes into instructional groups based on gender, age, and skill level.

Sports Camps Offered in Tennessee

  • Lacrosse
State of Tennessee with a flamingo paddleboarding

Experience Coaching by Professional Lacrosse Players

Check out the professional lacrosse players who will be coaching our 2024 summer sessions! Our campers are thrilled to learn from the players they admire. The expertise and enthusiasm these coaches bring to the experience are unmatched. Signature is proud to provide this unique and inspiring coaching experience for our young athletes.

Professional lacrosse player giving instruction to a young lacrosse camper

Connor Kearnan

Connor Kearnan is a Professional Lacrosse player in the NLL (New York Riptide). Kearnan played collegiately at Canisius University, an NCAA Division I school in Buffalo, New York, where he was named the 2018 MAAC Championship Most Valuable Player, the 2018 MAAC Offensive Player of the Year, and the 2017 MAAC Co-Offensive Player of the Year.

Connor headlined at the 2023 Signature Sports Camp Tennessee Location.

Professional lacrosse player Danielle Etrasco during a game for Team USA

Danielle Etrasco

Danielle was a member of the Team USA Women’s Lacrosse Team from 2011-2017; a Professional Lacrosse Player for the WPLL from 2016-2019, and a DI College Lacrosse Coach for Georgetown, Army West Point, and Virginia Tech. Danielle is an attacker and now specializes in Player Development for lacrosse players. 

Professional lacrosse player Brady Kearnan

Brady Kearnan

Kearnan is a Professional Lacrosse Player in the NLL, playing for the Georgia Swarm as a forward. Brady was a First-Team All-American at Mercy College, where he was named ECC Offensive Player of the Year (2022) and led the team to its first-ever National Championship appearance, among many other notable accomplishments in his college career.

Fun Summer Camp Activities - Off the Field

At Signature Sports Camps, players elevate their game on the lacrosse field AND participate in traditional sleepaway camp activities that are unique to the region. Let’s explore a few of our favorite off-field activities that our Tennessee campers participate in:

Three girls enjoying a waterfall adventure during summer Lacrosse camp

Chase Waterfalls

We take campers to Foster Falls for an afternoon of hiking through the trails that lead to a beautiful waterfall! Splash around in different areas of the falls while exploring the Appalachian mountains. 

A boy and girl are standing next to a barn with bikes while on an adventure at overnight summer camp

Biking Adventure

Campers can sign up to bike the Sewanee Perimeter Trail to a lookout situated atop the Cumberland Plateau, which includes views of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

A young boy is jumping into a watering hole, holding up the peace sign as he jumps in

Swimming in the Waterhole

We jump into the Res, right on campus at our St. Andrew’s Sewanee campus each day. Campers love to cannonball off the jumping rock and swim to the floating dock, or grab a canoe for an adventure.

Four girls at Lacrosse camp are standing next to a campfire with smores

End of Camp BBQ

We end each camp session with an outside BBQ, campfire, and yard games. Campers love to hang out with their new friends and dive into watermelon and BBQ after a long day on the field.

Lacrosse summer camp campers in an auditorium enjoying movie night

Movie Night

The first night of camp brings a movie night in the auditorium, featuring a nostalgic funny sports movie that resonates with campers of every age.

Camp Kickball & Lacrosse Shark Tank

A staple of each Signature Sports Camp is the camp-wide kickball and Lacrosse Shark Tank evening activities. Coaches hop into the games and kick up the competition to make these activities ultra-competitive and fun.

Our Overnight Camp Activity Schedule in TN

Explore a typical day at Signature Sports Camp! While this camp schedule is based on past years and may vary due to feedback, weather, or availability, rest assured that any changes will be replaced with equally enjoyable activities.

  • 1:30-2 pm: Check-in: Stop by each tent (HQ, Room Assignments, Gear tent, & Medical tent) to ensure you’re properly checked in! Don’t worry, our staff is just about everywhere you turn, they will help you navigate a smooth check-in and drop-off! 
  • 2-2:30 pm: Camper Orientation: Let’s get the rules straight, meet our coaches, and build the excitement for an amazing week ahead! 
  • 3-4 pm: Introductory Lacrosse Session: Meet the Coaches & Ice Breakers: Before we jump into two sessions a day, we get warmed up with fun drills that encourage our players to get to know each other and the coaches!
  • 4-5:30 pm: Waterhole Swim (& Swim Tests): Fun part: FIRST TIME AT THE WATERHOLE! Not so fun part: Let’s get these swim tests out of the way. Swim tests are a simple 25-yard swim and treading water for 30 seconds.
  • 6:30-7:30 pm: Dinner: First meal in the dining hall! The food in Tennessee always gets 5-star ratings from our campers, and not to worry: we have alternate meals prepared for our campers with dietary restrictions. 
  • 7:30-9 pm: Movie night in McCrory Theater: A real movie theater experience: all with your new friends by your side, and a sports movie that campers of all ages chuckle at!
  • 10 pm: Lights out: Alrighty campers: lights out! And our coaches are nearby listening for chatter! 
  • 8:30-9:30 am: Breakfast: Each day in Tennessee brings new food options! 
  • 10-12 pm: Lacrosse Session with Headlining Professional Lacrosse Player: The Pros are here!! We can’t wait to learn from their expertise in our small groups that are separated by age and skill level. 
  • 12-1:30 pm: Lunch: Time to fuel back up before we head back out to the field! Make sure to grab a carb option and a good protein to sustain the week ahead! 
  • 1-3:30 pm: Lacrosse Session with Headlining Professional Lacrosse Player: Back out on the field learning from the pros we watch on ESPN! Before they leave, we will make sure our campers get autographs and pictures! 
  • 3:30-4:30 pm: Waterhole Swim: Time to cool off in the freshwater of the waterhole right on campus!
  • 4:30-5:30 pm: Activity Selection: Pottery, Cooking Class (for athletes), or Mountain Biking options: Choose your adventure! We will note your camper’s activity selection right at registration. 
  • 5:30-7 pm: Dinner: Time for another refuel opportunity- load up on your favorites! 
  • 7-8 pm: Camp Game: Kickball: Let’s kick up the competition with a campwide kickball game. Coaches jump in and set the pace, and naturally, things get a bit competitive!
  • 8-9 pm: Canteen: Visit the Camp Store (Snacks & Gear), play games like pool, foosball, or ping pong, throw on a movie, and plenty more at Canteen! 
  • 10 pm: Lights Out: Typically, our campers are pretty exhausted on the second night. 
  • 8:30-9:30 am: Breakfast: Get ready for a big day ahead: maybe go for an extra pancake today! 
  • 10-12 pm: Lacrosse Session: Did you know we have a specific Player Development plan geared towards getting the most out of our time on the field, specific to a camp setting? 
  • 12-1:30 pm: Lunch: When we say “refuel” at lunch, we mean on liquids too! Let’s stay hydrated so we are performing our best this afternoon! 
  • 1:30-3:30 pm: Waterfalls Excursion: OUR FAVORITE! Campers hop on the bus, drive to Foster Falls, and hike to a swim-friendly waterfall. Guess who comes with us? Our favorite camp lifeguards! 
  • 4-6 pm: Lacrosse Session: After the best afternoon ever, we hop back on the field for our afternoon session! Coaches are keeping the energy up with quick drills and progressions.
  • 6-8 pm: Outside BBQ Night in the Quad: Let’s shake it up! Instead of the dining hall, we are going to have our BBQ outside and bring out the yard games in true BBQ fashion! 
  • 8-9 pm: Evening Activity: Lacrosse Shark Tank!! (An absolute staple of Signature Sports Camp). Grab your cabin and come up with a Lacrosse invention! Pitch it to the judges while the camp cheers you on (there are extra points given for hyping up other teams). The winner gets an ice cream cake at lunch tomorrow! 
  • 9-10 pm: Canteen: Another opportunity to indulge in snacks and endless games! Stay tuned: Our Camper of the Day (who gets a free camp t-shirt) is announced at Canteen. 
  • 10 pm: Lights out: Time for some shut-eye to prepare for our last full day of camp! 
  • 8:30-9:30 am: Breakfast: Today is French toast day!! Grab a few slices, plus eggs and bacon! (Plenty of other options to choose from by the way!) 
  • 10-12 pm: Lacrosse Session: Today, coaches are pulling together all of the skills you learned at camp and implementing them into gameplay! 
  • 12-1:30 pm: Lunch: Fuel up with a healthy protein, carb, and veggies or fruit! 
  • 1:30-2:30 pm: Waterhole: Is this goodbye to our favorite place to cool off? Well until next year… 
  • 2:30-3:30 pm: Rest & Packing Block: It’s been a BUSY couple of days! Might we suggest a nap or an early start on packing? 
  • 4-6 pm: Lacrosse Session: Our last lacrosse session, before the 3v3 tournament tomorrow: let’s scrimmage! 
  • 6-7:30 pm: Dinner: Nothing like sitting around the dinner table with your new camp friends. 
  • 7:30-8:30 pm: Bonfire, S’mores, and Quad Games: A little bit of flextime: stop by the campfire for a s’more in between games in the Quad like volleyball, spike ball, and more. 
  • 8:30- 9:30 pm: Canteen: Our last canteen!! Make sure you grab that camp hoodie you’ve had your eyes on before jumping into your game of ping pong! 
  • 9:30-10 pm: Pack: Ugh! We don’t want the week to end!! 
  • 10 pm: Lights out: Time to rest up for the 3v3 Lacrosse tournament tomorrow. As you’re sleeping, our coaches are choosing their teams! 
  • 8:30-9:30 am: Breakfast: Okay don’t rush but we are all super excited for the 3v3 Tournament… 
  • 10-12 pm: 3v3 Lacrosse Tournament! Each coach gets their own team, teams have 3 pool games, and then it’s off to single elimination playoffs! Did we mention coaches get to play too?? 
  • 12:00-12:30 pm: Check out: Stop by the lost and found before you go- don’t leave us with your soggy towel! See you next year!! 

Discover Safe, Fun-Filled Adventures at Our Tennessee Sports Camp

Our Tennessee locations empower a tight-knit camp community with the traditional sleepaway camp feel. While safety is a top priority, our camps bring endless fun and exciting activities. Both of the Sewanee campuses offer a perfect blend of secure environments and engaging adventures. We ensure camper safety, in collaboration with our hosts, with measures like campus patrols, automatic locking doors, and careful supervision, all while keeping the spirit of summer fun alive. Take a look at our past sessions to see why our campers return year after year!

The Mountains Are Calling - Register For Camp Today!


Each 5 Day / 4 Night session of Signature Sports Camp is $1,350. Secure your spot before June 1 to save $100! Pricing for a camp session after June 1 will increase to $1450.  We offer the ability to put down a deposit, and you can choose to either enroll in interest-free payment plans, or pay upfront.

Click the button below to create your family account and register for the Lacrosse summer session of your choice. After you’ve created your account, you will have access to the Welcome Packet (which includes camp logistics, policies, and packing lists),a portal for downloading & uploading Camp Forms, and downloadable invoices for your convenience. 

Make the most of your visit by exploring our Travel Packages and Premium Add-Ons, designed to elevate your camp experience. Check out the various packages available and tailor your camp stay to your interests!

A group of lacrosse players taking a break on the field during lacrosse summer camp

Frequently Asked Camp Questions - And Answers!

How many Campers attend the Signature Tennessee Overnight Camp?

This camp is capped at 100 campers per session before waitlisting campers. Typically registration fills up around April, so we recommend locking in your spot for the upcoming summer as soon as possible to avoid any issues!

I see there are two locations. How does that work?

Our first session in Tennessee is hosted at Sewanee College, while our second session in Tennessee is hosted at the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Boarding School. If your player opts to do both sessions, we bus your player over to the next campus on transition day. Not to worry, the campuses are less than 5 minutes away from each other. We send reminders via email with addresses for pick up and drop off.

Do I have to have experience playing lacrosse to attend?

Signature Sports Lacrosse Camps have planned programming for campers of all experience levels. If you are new to Lacrosse, our coaches will teach you the basics and progress you with your own group of similar players.

If you are an advanced player looking to be challenged- we also have the programming for you and will group you with similar players to your skill set.

Will advanced players still be challenged here?

Each of our coaches has collegiate playing experience and excels in their specific roles. Our player development model is tailored to foster growth in a camp environment, and our coaches collaborate with players during their orientation to create a curriculum that leverages their unique skill sets. Covering all positions, including specialized roles like goalie and face-off/draw, we ensure a comprehensive coaching approach. On the field, campers are grouped by both skill level and age, creating a competitive and developmental environment where similar skill sets elevate each other's play.

If I live locally, can I still attend the lacrosse summer camp?

Absolutely! We extend a 30% discount for our commuters. The commuter camp program includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the full experience (minus the bunking) that overnight camp offers. Commuters should be dropped off before breakfast at 8:30am, and can be picked up after the evening activity at 9pm. 

Use the discount code COMMUTER at registration to be prorated for the commuter experience and automatically be placed in the commuter program.

Can siblings or groups get a discount on registration?

A 10% discount is offered to each sibling at registration. This discount is automatically applied during your registration process. 

For groups or teams interested in registering together, we offer $150 off per camper for groups of 3+ and $250 off per camper for groups of 5+. Please reach out to director@overnightsportscamps.com to have your team or group discount code generated.

Do you accommodate food restrictions?

At registration, we record any dietary needs and collaborate with the campus dining staff to label all dishes clearly. We make sure there are suitable choices for campers with specific dietary requirements. To cater to diverse tastes, our dining team provides a variety of meal options. A standard dinner includes one or two full meal variations (each containing protein, vegetables, and grains) complemented by additional choices for pickier eaters, such as pizza, pasta, and chicken nuggets.

Do you restrict phone access?

While phones are not restricted, we limit phone and technology use. Campers may keep their phones in their dorms and use them before bedtime. We advise against bringing phones to activities, meals, or sports sessions to fully immerse in the camp experience. For essential contact, such as Facetime calls home, counselors' phones are available. We’ve found that limiting phone access can help reduce feelings of homesickness.