Group of girls at overnight sports camp enjoying camp BBQ and fresh fruit

Summer Camp Food: How Signature Keeps It Fresh & Fun

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When your child attends an Overnight Sports Camp, the highest priority is ensuring they are set up for success. To us, success looks like a safe environment led by responsible counselors and keeping campers well-fueled when it comes to food and sleep. Campers are participating with all-out effort, whether on the sports field, in the pool, on a hike, or in a camp activity. Without the right food, your camper could miss out on all the fun because he or she doesn’t have the energy to support this active lifestyle!

At Signature Sports Camps, our athletes have access to nutrient-rich food that will properly fuel their bodies throughout all camp activities. Campers have a wide variety of options at each location to ensure they have fresh and delicious choices that they will actually enjoy.

Dining Options at the Signature Sports Camp Locations 

Dining hall staff distributing meals during lunch time at summer camp

In each of our overnight camp locations, campers reside in on-campus housing and eat at the dining halls on campus. These dining facilities offer a wide variety of delicious summer camp foods to choose from, including options for our campers with dietary restrictions. We take all restrictions and allergies seriously and work with each Camp Host to ensure relevant ingredients are labeled and available.   

Florida Overnight Sports Camp Location

Dining options at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, prioritize wellness: offering various meal options (depending on how adventurous you are!). For our herbivores, you will have access to a fresh salad bar at all times. Many ingredients in the salad bar come right from the Eckerd College garden. Eckerd College has the classics for our picky eater – grilled chicken, pizza, burgers, and pasta. For our more adventurous campers, jump into the main course line, which changes daily! The main course line always has a meal comprised of protein, grain, and veggies. Our favorite on the summer camp menu: chipotle-lime chicken thighs, rice, and stir-fry veggies! 

New York Overnight Sports Camp Location

The summer camp food at Keuka College in New York is bound to make any kid excited. Keuka offers many different stations in their dining hall, including the Deli, Homestyles, Nutribar, and the Bake Shoppe. Your camper might opt to make a grilled sandwich for lunch at the Deli or jump into Chicken Parm and veggies in the “Homestyles” line. The Nutribar is like a salad bar reimagined with protein options and farm-fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to grab a cookie from the Bake Shoppe! These various summer camp menu options ensure all campers will find something they enjoy while being able to power their bodies adequately. 

Tennessee Overnight Sports Camp Location

Boys at an overnight sports camp enjoying their pasta in the campus cafeteria

The summer camp food options in Sewanee, Tennessee are top-tier! Whether you’re enrolled in Session I at Sewanee College or Session II at the St. Andrew’s- Sewanee Boarding School, both locations are powered by the same stellar food provider. And guess what: Tennessee might have the widest variety out of all locations! Our Tennessee dining halls offer a grill with American cuisine, a deli with sandwiches and pizza, homeline for healthier options, and various soups and other miscellaneous goodies! Campers can choose something new and exciting daily to boost their pallet and fuel their minds and bodies. 

Assistance and Dietary Restriction Options

During every meal, our counselors are present to assist campers in choosing meals whenever necessary. We pride our campuses on having options for everyone despite any dietary restrictions. All menus in the halls provide insight into the ingredients used and visibly display abbreviations for each food allergy, showing what is safe. Counselors and dining staff are always happy to make a camper feel safe and find what they need. 

The Ultimate Summer Camp Food – Choose Your Adventure

As much fun as healthy foods are, what’s better than having the freedom to choose what you want to eat for every meal? At Signature Sports Camps we offer campers many opportunities to make their own decisions and “choose their adventure”: that does not stop at the dining hall! Campers have access to 5-star dining options as well as a variety of desserts to satisfy their sweet tooth. Explore our camp locations to learn more about the Signature overnight camp experience, and register for a fun (and nutritious!) summer today!