How Sports Camps Foster Teamwork and Leadership

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Campers enrolled in sports camps grow in so many ways, most of which go well beyond the sports field. Last summer, we took a look at how campers fuel their teamwork and leadership skills at sports camp. Sure, we saw growth in so many kids while at camp, but we were even more impressed by how our camper’s applied what they learned from camp at their club and recreational programs back home. Here’s what we found: 

Players Can Be Themselves

Two lacrosse players engaged in a game during summer sports camp

Coming into camp, we saw so many different player personalities. Timid, outgoing, silly, reserved… but everyone coming into camp is at least a little outside of their comfort zone. All players were in a new environment, looking to make friends and fit in. With that all in common as a foundation, players found it easier to be themselves. We noticed that traditional “individual players” felt less pressure to “do it all” or “carry their team” and instead would embrace a role, contribute, (and best yet…) have fun with the sport. This is where we first noticed a unique opportunity to foster teamwork in the sports camp environment. 

Activities to Inspire Teamwork and Trust

A sports camp cultivates an amazing incubator for growth leadership and teamwork. Each player coming in has common ground and shared goals. We see players naturally embrace team values. Additionally, sports camps incorporate teambuilding games that inspire campers to work together. For example, something as simple as tug of war can inspire teamwork: each camper is working together to accomplish a shared goal. Each display of “going to battle” together establishes trust within the group, a foundational aspect of teamwork. The camaraderie built in sports camps creates a positive team spirit, so campers feel a sense of belonging and are motivated to contribute to the group’s success. 

Our Coaches Set the Example of Leadership at Sports Camp

Sports camp coach and campers playing a game of Spikeball together on the beach

None of these small, yet foundational, moments would be possible without the role modeling from coaches and counselors. Coaches cultivate these environments to empower authenticity, trust, and positivity. Coaches are the leaders: and leadership trickles down. Soon the campers are embracing communication skills, empathy, and accountability… all aspects of leadership that the coaches are modeling. This is by design: with coaches training that calls out these opportunities, the impact is tangible. And this is the secret sauce that have sports camp campers coming back year after year. 

Application in Everyday Life

The best part of sports camp is seeing the campers go back and apply their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills at their recreational, club, or high school teams. Campers got repetitions in not only their sport but in these leadership moments. They come back to their teams a better teammate and a stronger leader. Each year, more coaches send their whole teams to camps for these exact benefits… the chemistry is tangible! 

Ready to Become a Leader?

If you’re ready to experience the difference at Signature Sports Camps and become a better leader and team player, check out our camp locations and learn more about our sports-focused overnight camp to see what sets us apart. Reach out to us if you have any questions or need more information. We can’t wait to see you on the field!

A group of young male lacrosse players engaged in a game on a field overlooking the water in Florida
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