A young lacrosse player is getting one one-on-one lacrosse fundamentals training with a professional coach on an outdoor field.

Lacrosse Basics Your Child Will Learn at Camp

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Lacrosse camp brings together players of all ages and skill levels. No tryout needed: so sometimes it’s hard to know if your advanced lacrosse player will elevate her skill level, or if your beginner player will get the attention he needs to learn the lacrosse basics. Luckily, Signature Sports Camps separates players by age and skill level, and continuously moves players around to the right station for them. But what lacrosse fundamental skills and basics will your child learn at camp? 

So many lacrosse players aren’t taught proper fundamentals and build a lot of bad habits. That’s why campers learn a mix of fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced lacrosse skills at camp. 

What fundamentals will your Lacrosse player learn at camp? Let’s dive in: 

Lacrosse Basics: Shooting

 A lacrosse coach is helping a young lacrosse player practice fundamental skills on an outdoor field.

Many players learn a version of an overhand shot, which is the foundation of accuracy and speed with shooting in lacrosse. Players need this fundamental skill before moving into other versions of shooting to maintain accuracy. At lacrosse camp, your player learns overhand shooting form and gets actively tweaked by coaches. Then we move to overhand shooting on the run from various distances and angles around the field. 

Once this basic lacrosse skill is solidified, we move to intermediate shooting skills like side arm or underarm shooting, while maintaining accuracy. Then our campers learn more creative shooting techniques in-game settings like behind-the-back shooting, around-the-world shoots, and Twizzlers. It’s important our campers understand not only how to do advanced and creative shooting techniques, but also how to apply them in gamelike scenarios and have the fundamental skills to support making these advanced shooting techniques both accurate and fast. 

Lacrosse Basics: Passing and Catching 

A lacrosse player practicing basic skills on an outdoor field.

The lacrosse basics start with passing and catching the ball, no doubt about it. Again, we see that many lacrosse players have bad habits while passing and catching the ball, or need more practice to be proficient in catching consistently and giving consistent accurate passes to their teammates. 

Just like shooting, we start with overhand passing, focusing on release timing, hand placement, and follow-through. With catching, we ensure our players are “giving” with the ball, and not cradling or snatching at the ball before it’s in the pocket. Once a lacrosse player can consistently catch and throw, she can focus on the next play and not worry about if the ball is in her stick or not. 

Lacrosse Basics: Footwork

Many club coaches don’t have the time to prioritize footwork in practice when they are preparing for a tournament right around the corner. But they fail to recognize that an emphasis on footwork and speed training is the difference between a good lacrosse player and a great one. Think about it: how does an attacker get away from a defender? Change of speed, change of direction, or a combination of both. Footwork drills encourage these skills for our offensive players and give defenders the gateway to defending the goal and staying on their mark. 

Mastering Lacrosse Fundamentals

At Signature Sports Lacrosse Camp, we take a minute to get back to the fundamentals, correct bad habits, and build each lacrosse player into a more knowledgeable and technical player. If your lacrosse player is a beginner, he or she learns the fundamentals the RIGHT way. If your lacrosse player is advanced in the sport, we tweak and correct form, then elaborate to make that lacrosse player more creative and confident than they were on the first day of camp. 

Camper Testimonials: Real Experiences at Signature Sports Camps

Hearing from those who’ve experienced our camp firsthand truly encapsulates the spirit and impact of Signature Sports Camps. One parent shared their family’s experience:

A girl wearing lacrosse gear is walking on the field at summer sports camp, holding her lacrosse stick

“The entire Signature Sports Camp experience was outstanding. The genuine caring and support offered by the entire team – from pre-camp jitters to happy departure day – was reassuring and set our mind at ease with our camper away from home. The skills and techniques our son came home with were top-level and inspirational. We’re looking forward to going back!”

Stories like these highlight not just the skill development but also the supportive and nurturing environment we strive to create at our camps.

Is your child ready to learn the lacrosse basics, meet new, supportive friends and have a summer to remember? Learn more about our overnight lacrosse camp locations and register for an upcoming session today!

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