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3 Things You’ll Learn at Overnight Soccer Camp

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Here at Signature Sports Camps, we are the Nation’s Leader in combining the rigor of competitive sports training with the fun of traditional overnight summer camp. For the past years, campers have loved the expert coaching and competition on the field and the camp adventure activities off the field – a perfect combination for a growing athlete. 

Signature started in its legacy sport, lacrosse. But with the right partnerships for the on-field experience in place, we are excited to announce the expansion into overnight soccer camp at our Florida location, starting in Summer 2024. Speaking of the on-field experience, here’s a few things your soccer player can expect to learn: 

Soccer Training Sessions

A group of boys at summer soccer camp doing agility drills during practice

First things first, we like to group our athletes into teams of like skill and age. We find it best for the coaches to progress each level when we’re working with the same skill & competition levels. We incorporate technical soccer training like ball control, shooting, and the fundamentals. We then progress to our tactical training to increase each player’s game IQ: small-sided games, demonstrations, live coaching, and so on. And we can’t forget about the position-specific training for each position: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Campers have the opportunity to participate in each position as applicable! 

Leadership Skills 

Signature’s overnight sports camps are the perfect setting to grow into a leader both on and off the field. Campers are surrounded by our Resident Coaches day and night, who are qualified role models in both character and the sport. Our Resident Coaches are screened, interviewed, and often times a returning coach- providing our campers with 24/7 access to the best role models the sport has to offer. These coaches have been in our athlete’s exact shoes and have successfully played at the highest levels. They work with our athletes on the adversity they might face, how to navigate social situations around soccer, and how to get to the next level. 

A group of girls locked arms on the beach at overnight summer camp

In addition to the stellar role models our athletes have access to, there’s the opportunity to navigate an unfamiliar setting… and come out on the other side! Leadership grows outside of the comfort zone, and there’s no better setting than an overnight soccer camp to get outside of your comfort zone. New friends, unfamiliar territory, and away from mom and dad… and guess what, your athlete comes out the other side!! More confident than ever after facing an unfamiliar setting, making new friends, and learning new skills… all while being supported by our staff of mentors and coaches! 

Confidence as an Athlete

Confidence happens in a few ways at Signature Sports Camps, both on the field and off the field. As we mentioned, navigating the adversity of an unfamiliar environment is a great starter for growing confidence as a youth and high school athlete. On top of that, we have what happens on the field: athletes are learning new skills from new coaches that they can then bring back to their home teams and clubs. Again, back to that comfort zone: there’s nothing to lose by trying out new skills on the field at soccer summer camp. Athletes don’t have to worry about messing up in front of a club coach or impressing a high school coach; they can explore new skills without the pressure. After a few reps, the confidence grows, and the next thing we know, your athlete has the confidence to bring these skills into their game at home. 

Level Up Your Game at Overnight Soccer Summer Camp

All in all, expect your soccer player to level up his or her game this summer at Signature’s overnight soccer camp. From the on-field sessions to the growth of leadership and confidence to the relationship building with the staff and other campers from all over the States… your athlete is sure to get the most from the Signature Sports Camps experience at Eckerd College. Learn more about what makes this soccer summer camp in Florida unique, and register now while space is still available – we’ll see you on the field!