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Why Coaches Are Great Role Models For Kids

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As a parent, you’re rightfully concerned with who your child hangs around with. Afterall, you are who your friends are, especially at impressionable ages. That concept applies to friendships and peer groups, but have you considered the role models you are putting in front of your kid to learn from? Role models for kids can be anyone from an older sibling to a babysitter, to even a teacher. A role model that is often overlooked is your child’s sports coach, and we are here to share why a coach makes such a great role model for your child’s development and character.

What Makes a Coach a Good Role Model?

A group of female lacrosse players and coaches gathered in a circle on an outdoor field in Florida


A staple of a great role model is that this person is someone that your child can relate to. And coaches make such great role models because the player and coach ALWAYS share one thing in common: their sport! The coach has undoubtedly been at the age and stage of the sport that your child is currently in. A coach can relate to the adversity and challenge of the sport and what your child is going through, and is a representation of determination in busting through whatever challenge that is. 

Whether its making JV when you had your eyes on Varsity, whether its working hard to become a starter, or maybe its your child’s recruiting journey: your coach has been there and done that. And most importantly, your coach is here to share his or her experience and understand whatever feelings are coming up as you wrestle with challenges both on and off the sports field.


Your coach is always in a leadership role, whether that is going through a demo or a post-game recap. Your child is always looking up to his or her coach, whether they know it consciously or not. A great leader can share when he or she was wrong, will raise the people around him or her, and provide open communication. The same is true with a great sports coach. We’ve all heard press conferences when coaches take the ownership over a team’s performance. Coaches communicate feedback and player roles often, which ensures open communication and trust as a leader. 


Let’s not get away from one of the core functions of a sports coach: mentorship both on and off the field. A great coach will invest additional hours to help a player gain proficiency in a skill or hold the player accountable when the grades slip. A coach is there for you when you can’t go to your parents about something. They are a safe mentor, who’s natural role is support and accountability. Many people can only hope for the level of mentorship from their role models that a coach gives their player. 

A Great Coach Can Change a Life

A Signature Sports Camp coach resting his hand on the helmet of a young lacrosse player during practice

A great coach relates to their players, mentors their players, and is a strong leader for the team and in the community. Coaches invest so much time into their players, and many times put their needs aside to be a role model for the kids on their team. Think about it- as a coach, you are sacrificing free time on weekends, getting out of work early to get to practice, and will be available to your players at all hours of the day. That level of sacrifice for the next generation to learn life lessons through sports is something special. There’s a great quote that summarizes a coaches’ role as a role model: “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” 

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A group of young male lacrosse players engaged in a game on a field overlooking the water in Florida
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